Monday, March 9, 2009

Cutie pie!

I told her I wasn't buying her a cell phone!

Getting too big too fast!

Some of her new faces......the scrunch up nose thing.

And the lick my lips!


mimi said...

Cutie Pie, those faces are hilarious, can't wait to see you pumpkin you

Lucie said...

Yep.... I had to check your blog one more time before bedtime. I am so glad I did!! Is she precious or what?? Love to you all... sweet dreams.

Andrea said...

I can't believe how big Reece is getting! She is absolutely adorable, Kristin. I love her cute faces!!

Uncle Janet said...

Uncle Janet said you made my day - I can't wait to play with you this weekend. Good talking to you yesterday Reese. Love, Uncle Janet

Shaunna said...

I love them both!

And you're right, the green tractor on the green onesie looks waaay cute!

Can't wait to get them!

Thanks Again- Love your all your stuff!!