Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Get it girl!

Holding her head up like a big girl!

What's up?

Brooks, Holly and Ashton

The girls all in hats.

Walleeeeee and Whop

My sister, Reese, and I.

Britt, Jaime, and baby to be.

She is quite the grinner these days.

I barely recognize you Brooks- where's the usual camo?

Reese and her future husband, Caleb Horner.

Reese with Hannah and Caleb Horner at Rosa's Cafe.

Tammy and I! Miss you baaaaagel!

Moo and Papa

Sweet baby

Wallllleeeeeee......cheesing it up.

The sweetest man I know.

Moo Moo and Reese

Brooks was jealous of Reese's bow so he had to make one for himself.

Ashton about to help Reese open presents.

Sweet boy!

Her new jacket from Moo Moo. Very stylish.

Love you Reese


mimi said...

ahhhhhhhhh I already miss my girls.............miss you too tyler......we had a blast.........hope to see you all and miss you

The Mays Family said...

hey friend
do you want to do Chick-fil-a for lunch tomorrow. I may take the girls with me to run some errands is that ok? Are we still on for going to Bed Bath and Beyond and also to get paint?

The Mays Family said...

Hey girl, call me I have a cell phone that works now but have nobody's phone numbers.