Monday, December 22, 2008

Reese and Friends

Reese and Papa Montie

Uncle J was boring Reese- she needed a nap!

Reese was cracking up her cousin Carson

Reese and her G. Aunt Rheta.....she is saying "Get me away from this LOUD lady"!

Grammy and Papa got her this onesie for Christmas- it is so cute!

Reese, jibber jabbing

My best friend, Jess, got her this for Christmas. SHE LOVES IT! Thanks Jess!

Carson and Reese. Reese loves him.

This is Reese's little school buddy, Clara. They are only days apart. I made these shirts for Reese's little daycare class to surprise their teacher, JoJo. She LOVED it! Sweet girls!

Check out the muffin top! These are officially too small! This was before school on Friday. She is such a morning girl.


Jason, Crysti, and Carson said...

What a blast we did have! Thanks for a memorable weekend!

Brittney said...

Can't wait to see you today. The XXL is stinking hilarious. I want a team Biddy shirt!!