Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Ash and Reese at Chuck E. Cheese

Reese and her blah blah look

This really makes me laugh- like father like son!

Reese and her Uncle Paul

The cutest monkey I know

Bryce and Reese

This is my GOOD friend Spesh, who I have known my whole life!
She is one cool girl! Love you Kendra!

These are some of my cousins, all of the ones under the age of 10. This cracks me up!

Reese and Ash

The little cousins + Aunt Zan- Brycen wasn't cooperating

Little Addy- I know those huge dimples get you out of trouble

This is my best friend Jess and I with our girls!

We are trouble together

Moo Moo and Reese

Asleep in the car. Sweet babies!


Abby said...

Fun! It was great to see a pic of Kendra. I've wondered what became of that girl!

Roman's Roost said...

You are sooo good! We didn't even take any pictures. I am so bummed. Love youe blog though!

The Grahams said...

I miss you more!!!! Looks like you had a great thanksgiving.